My last talk @ Zurich Ionic Meetup [ Stackblitz, Ionic 4 Quickies, Observable.forkJoin() ]

Held my 2nd talk @ Zurich Ionic Meetup last Thursday. Just some ‘Quickies’ this time: Ionic 4 Playground: Bringing back hammerjs in Ionic 4 Pitfalls when building for iOS RxJs -Observable.forkJoin() : Error handling Slides here: Thanks to you awesome guys at the Ionic Meetup. Really, really appreciate to be part of it! Questions? […]

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Social Login for mobile apps with Ionic / Cordova + PHP + OAuth + JWT

Recently I’ve started looking into building hybrid mobile apps with Ionic (based on Apache Cordova) and one of the first things I realized was that my existing authentication flow with Facebook & Co. won’t work anymore. My flow for Web-Apps with AngularJS (Frontent) and PHP with HybridAuth (Backend) is like this: The Web-App flow call backend (e.g ../login.php&provider=Facebook) backend […]

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